Man Cave Time ~3 Wellness Tips for Men

Ok ladies… this may be the time where you share this blog with the special man in your life- whether it be a spouse, son, father, or your BFF. So many wellness topics are geared for women, as statistically they consume about 75% of the wellness readers’ population. This month, in honor of Father’s Day, I am writing about men’s wellness and what they can do to prolong their life and the quality of that life. I suggest my female readers also read this and then share it with that special guy or guys in their life.

1- Get to the Doctor and Get Screened

Have you been procrastinating on this one? Not meant to scare you but to wake you up, considering men are more likely than women to die of cardiovascular disease and cancer and overall have a life expectancy of less than 5 years than the average female, yearly physicals and screenings are of the utmost importance.

*Things to focus on in these screenings:

Glucose, blood pressure (always know your numbers any pay attention to any sudden changes), PSA, testosterone levels, blood count/metabolic/lipids panel, and for those men over the age of 45, it’s time to schedule a colonoscopy. Formerly recommended to be 50, 45 is the new recommended age. If there is a history of colon cancer, going at the age of 40 is recommended.

2- Find YOUR Tribe

Whereas many women find it easier to connect and meet other women, many men tend to struggle a bit with this. Add work and potentially travel for a job, and it becomes even more challenging to balance work and family life. I live through this with my own husband as he travels quite frequently for his job. Since we relocated from Chicago a few years ago and moved to Scottsdale, we both needed to build a new tribe of friends. Although I also work, as a woman I found it a bit easier to meet and make plans with other friends. For some reason, this isn’t quite as natural for men, but they can benefit in so many ways from this connection.

*Ways to Take the Leap

Join a health club, attending local events, volunteer at a charity that resonates with you, and finding common interests in social activities that you enjoy (watching a sports game, going to a Bourbon tasting, etc.) Another way is through meeting other men through your spouse, girlfriend, or other friends. Take the initiative and take your phone out, exchange numbers, and actually follow through and make your own plans. It is healthy to connect with other men and build your own tribe of friends.

3- Eat Healthy, Sleep Well, Exercise Often

Ok, that is 3 for the price of one. All three of these are so important for all of our health- both men and women. Take the time to watch what you consume both solids and liquids (!), try and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and find time to exercise and get those endorphins flowing and the muscles growing! Take up yoga. Yoga isn’t just for women anymore; the number of men practicing yoga is steadily climbing to roughly 28%. Still a low percentage, considering the myriad of health and wellness benefits this mind/body practice offers.

*Sleep Tip:

I released a Deep Relaxation Series- Guided Breathing, Relaxations, and Visualizations that can help tremendously with insomnia, something I suffered of for many years. It can be streamed for free on most streaming sites. More information on this and healthy breathing can be found here:

I want to take the time to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day. I hope that you take care of yourself as well as you nurture all the other people in your life. And ladies reading this- share this with the men you love!


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