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Wellness+Wine Tasting experience 

wellness and wine tasting experience
Wellness and Wine Tasting Experience
When wellness & wine join together...MAGIC!
Gather your friends, family, or company/organization, to experience a one-of-a kind Wellness+Wine Tasting Experience.

*I can also provide an intimate Wine Tasting Experience  separately if you want to simply experience some fabulous clean-crafted (no chemicals/pesticides/sugars) wines.

*Contact me today to customize an intimate
Wine Experience for your group!
wine tasting notes
Wellness and Wine Tasting Experience flyer

"Our wine tasting experience was tasteful, enlightening, and fun. The wine selections paired with the hors d'oeuvres were the perfect balance of savory and sweet amid a pleasing ambience. Susan was wonderful and organized a memorable wine tasting experience for our group and we wish we could have sipped on our wine all day with her! We would absolutely recommend taking advantage of this intimate opportunity to taste and learn about various fine wines and delicious noshes, surrounded by good company."

                                                           -Jami Weinstein

"I came to your wine tasting and I remembered you asked me to follow up about how I felt after drinking the wine. I usually get sooooo sick from wine but I felt great the next day! We were all so surprised we felt no side-effects the next day!"

                           -Meagan Furgerson