Zoom group Meditation Class

I am excited to announce that I will be providing a 'Mid- Day/Mid-Month Zoom Meditation Class' once a month. In this class, you will be peacefully guided through a deep breathing, relaxation, & meditative experience.
 This is an OPTIONAL donation-based class. Half of your donation will go to Stop and Breathe for providing these and the other half will be given to a chosen charity each month. Each month's charity is listed below.
Though donations are not required, if you do so, I thank you very much for your support! 
**Please RSVP below to reserve your space & receive Zoom link**


Zoom Meditation Class

In this 30-minute (plus optional Q&A afterwards) class, you will be guided through a deep relaxation & meditative experience as you learn to breathe, relax, visualize & meditate. This soothing, guided relaxation experience set to ambient, relaxing music will nurture your beautiful, inner warrior with this peaceful, calm experience.

Each month will be slightly different, but expect a soothing, guided experience each time.

*You will be lying down or sitting comfortably for the practice- whatever is your preference.  Bring a cushion or a blanket/towel. Also, I recommend an eye pillow or a washcloth to cover your eyes. I want you to be extra comfortable!

August Monthly Class Charity Selection:

Lymphoma Research Foundation 

 Mission: Eradicate lymphoma and serve those impacted by this blood cancer.

Zoom Meditation Class Registration Wednesday, 8/19/2020 @3:00-3:30 pm (PST)

"I was at first skeptical about providing Zoom virtual classes. How can this ever take the place of in-person 1:1 experiences or even live group classes?

After the first session, I was shocked. Both my client and I felt very comfortable and very 'close'.

It felt like we were in the same room!


With my group classes, I am able to work with individuals in far away places, not just in my own local area, which has been fantastic. I have seen so many people that I ordinarily would not be able to see. This is the silver lining. The energy! It is palpable.


 Come join me and experience soothing healthy, breathing, relaxation, visualization, & empowerment techniques in the comfort of your own living room."

-Susan Ginsberg 

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