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Stop and Breathe®

Corporate & Individual Wellness Services


My name is Susan Ginsberg and I am the founder/owner of Stop and Breathe. I provide soothing and informative wellness workshop experiences to companies, organizations, and residential communities. I also provide private 1:1 sessions to individuals. 


Private 1:1 sessions are offered at Stop and Breathe and  also remotely via Zoom. These highly soothing sessions teaching healthy breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques help participants manage stress and anxiety in their personal and/or professional lives.


Trouble sleeping? Insomnia support is one of my specialties. I have been nicknamed 'The Sleep Whisperer' by my clients and love sharing my insomnia tips with others and helping them fall asleep and stay asleep in a healthier way. 

My Deep Relaxation Series of guided breathing, relaxations, and visualizations is available on most music streaming sites and complements our sessions with beneficial, stress-relieving, deep relaxation techniques in your own home.

Contact me for a free consultation/quote for a workshop or a private session.

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"Susan of Stop and Breathe's presented a stress management/wellness workshop at the Valley Ho Hotel for about 75 of my team members at L'Oreal Mizani. After a weekend of lectures, it was a welcome treat at the end. We learned stress management techniques and why it is so important to have tools to overcome this. During the relaxation part of it, I felt my body drifting to a serene place that I have not experienced in a very long time and I realized how much I needed this! I will continue to listen to Susan's relaxations when I return home. Thank you!"

-Scott R., L'Oreal Mizani Workshop Participant @ The Valley Ho Hotel

“I am very grateful that I was able to come in and work with Susan. I have struggled with terrible sleep initiation problems on and off for the last 6 years and her breathing techniques and support has been AWESOME. In the past, I have tried sleeping pills, different forms of sleep meditation, and other relaxation strategies, but nothing has worked as well as the breathing and relaxation techniques Susan taught me combined with listening to her guidance tracks on Spotify. Thank you so much for doing what you do— it has really helped me fall asleep.”

-Jessica Robbins

1:1 Private Client

"I contacted Susan to arrange a Mindfulness and Guided Meditation virtual workshop for our employees globally. Susan was wonderful to deal with from our very first conversation; She took the time to have an in-depth conversation to explain the services she offered and how she could cater to our organization’s needs. She was friendly, dependable, and professional throughout our interaction. The workshop was informative, useful, and relaxing. It was extremely well received by our employees. Thank you, Susan, for a wonderful workshop!"

-Insia Habib, Engagement Specialist, Dye & Durham 

"Susan was so easy to work with and schedule the corporate wellness session for World Mental Health Day, regardless of the time difference. She held a brief call beforehand to go over the needs of my staff and developed a session that helped them learn to relax through stretches, meditating, and breathing. We have been working nonstop since the pandemic hit and several employees needed this session to help them "pause" and take a breath. I've heard all types of great feedback from my staff and look forward to inviting Susan back soon for another session!"

     -Nikita Vaid, Senior Specialist Human Resources CMMB

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