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"Susan was wonderful! She led a 45-min mindful breathing workshop for our company, and we received tons of positive feedback from our employees. We all felt incredibly relaxed after her guided meditation. We'll definitely reach out to Susan in the future!" 

 -Kayla Colbert, Office and Recruiting Asst. Siege Media
Gather together virtually with your co-workers in our highly soothing and informative Zoom Corporate Wellness Sessions.
Each corporate online wellness workshop will be customized to fit the needs of your company. Here are some examples of the types of workshops I specialize in: 
  • 'Relaxy Hour' Zoom Workshop teaches stress-management techniques to manage the day-to-day stress that inherently comes in the corporate environment. Participants will learn healthy breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques.
  • Intentional Living workshop teaches participants the 'The B.I.G.(Breath, Intention, Gratitude) Method' of beginning each day in a healthier and more mindful way. Participants will learn healthy breathing techniques, the practice of setting healthy intentions on a daily basis for a more purposeful way of living, and how to express gratitude each day and the benefits of doing so.
  • Mindful EmPOWERment workshop adds another element to the breathing and relaxation techniques we teach in the Relaxy Hour workshop. Participants will also learn how to create and manifest healthy, personal empowering intentions. 
Participants will sit comfortably at their desks or in a conference room as they are guided through healthy breathing, relaxation, visualization, and mindfulness techniques.  If insomnia is something that your group would like support with, this is also one of my specialties. 
Each workshop is 45-minutes long and the fee is $150.00 if using Stop & Breathe's professional Zoom account and $200.00 if using your own company's virtual platform. See online purchase link below.  If you would like a longer workshop, please contact me for a consultation/quote.

*Contact me today via email or at  480-388-2780 to discuss your company's unique and individual needs and I look forward to offering this to your team!

“When my company offered online relaxation sessions, I was initially skeptical. How can I possibly relax in my home office when so much is going on? I was amazed at how much just changing my breathing made such a difference and how I almost immediately felt so relaxed. I learned so many new rejuvenating techniques since Susan started with us, and I can honestly say that I am now (finally!) committed to my own wellness and I practice these skills each and every day. Having Susan work with us all was the best gift our company could give us and I am so grateful!”
-Liza E, Zoom Corporate Wellness Workshop Participant
Zoom Corporate Wellness Susan Ginsberg providing stress managment wellness workshop
45-Minute Session Stop & Breathe Zoom Platform
45-Minute Session Company's Own Platform