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Testimonial Stop and Breathe

"Susan was wonderful! She led a 45-min mindful breathing workshop for our company, and we received tons of positive feedback from our employees. We all felt incredibly relaxed after her guided meditation. We'll definitely reach out to Susan in the future!" 

 -Kayla Colbert, Office and Recruiting Asst. Siege Media

Gather together virtually with your co-workers in our highly soothing and informative Zoom Corporate Wellness Sessions.
Below is a list of my workshop offerings, however each corporate online wellness workshop can be customized to fit the needs of your company. 
Intentional Living: The B.I.G.(Breath+ Intention + Gratitude) Way To Live Your Life Workshop
  • Participants will learn how to center themselves first thing in the morning as they wake up and begin each day in a healthier and more mindful way. Participants will learn healthy breathing techniques, which is one of the most important tools to help us manage stress or anxiety. We will learn also learn how to set healthy intentions on a daily basis and how these meaningful goals provide a sense of purpose in our daily living. Last, participants will learn how to express gratitude each and every day and the healing benefits of having a daily gratitude practice.
Reset+Renew:  Breathe, Relax, & Visualize Your Way to  a Healthier Life 
  • In this workshop, participants will learn stress-management techniques and manage the day-to-day stress that inherently comes in the corporate environment. Participants will learn healthy breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques. After a brief instruction on these techniques, participants will enjoy listening to ambient music while being guided through breathwork and a deep relaxation experience.
The Mindful Way to Achieve Balance + Harmony In our Work + In Our Lives!
  • In this workshop, participants will learn how to develop a sense of balance in their personal and professional lives by exploring which things add light and joy to our lives, and which things dim out that inner light within us and make us feel depleted.  Learning how to recognize what tips the scales out of balance and how to bring it back to equilibrium is essential for feeling in harmony. Not only will this feeling of balance benefit us in our professional live, but also our personal lives. Participants will learn healthy breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques as taught in my other workshop offerings.  
From Griping to Gratitude: Silence the Inner Critic & Open up to Joy
Mindful EmPOWERment Workshop
  • In this workshop, participants will learn how to create and manifest healthy, personal empowering intentions. They will learn how to choose intentions that are for our highest good, how to word them, and the way to incorporate these intentions in our daily lives.  After this discussion, they will be guided through a soothing deep relaxation that incorporates their own personal healthy intentions. Some of my clients liken this type of meditation to self-hypnosis in that they learn that when we are in a state of deep relaxation, our mind is open to bringing in an awareness of what is for our highest good and how to empower ourselves to believe that our words DO lead to our actions, which create our own reality. 
Each workshop is 45-minutes long and the fee is $150.00 if using Stop & Breathe's professional Zoom account and $200.00 if using your own company's virtual platform. See online purchase link below.  If you would like a longer workshop, please contact me for a consultation/quote.
To purchase:  Click one of the payment links below. Once paid, we will then schedule your workshop on a mutually agreed day & time and I will send you a Zoom link to our session if using my Zoom platform. Feel free to call or email me prior to paying if you would like to talk about the workshop first.

*Contact me today via email or at  480-388-2780 to discuss your company's unique and individual needs and I look forward to offering this to your team!

Testimonial Stop and Breathe

“When my company offered online relaxation sessions, I was initially skeptical. How can I possibly relax in my home office when so much is going on? I was amazed at how much just changing my breathing made such a difference and how I almost immediately felt so relaxed. I learned so many new rejuvenating techniques since Susan started with us, and I can honestly say that I am now (finally!) committed to my own wellness and I practice these skills each and every day. Having Susan work with us all was the best gift our company could give us and I am so grateful!”
-Liza E, Zoom Corporate Wellness Workshop Participant



Zoom Corporate Wellness Susan Ginsberg providing stress managment wellness workshop

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