Zoom Corporate wellness Sessions

Gather together virtually with your co-workers in our soothing, informative, and zen-filled  Zoom Corporate Wellness Sessions.
In a typical session, you will learn healthy breathing techniques, which is the foundation to handling stress and anxiety that can accompany not only your corporate daily demands, but also with the current life challenges so many of us our facing.
We will also delve into the practice of creating a daily intention or focus, to not only magnify our own potential, but to also increase our overall productivity. 
In addition, you will be guided through some deep relaxations and learn visualization and meditation techniques to practice on your own. If insomnia is something that your group would like support with, this is also one of our specialties.

Contact us today via email or at  480-388-2780 for a free wellness session planning consultation and quote.

Virtual WEllness Session Testimonial

“When my company offered online relaxation sessions, I was initially skeptical. How can I possibly relax in my home office when so much is going on and in light of the current pandemic that began? I was amazed at how much just changing my breathing made such a difference and how I almost immediately felt so relaxed. I learned so many new rejuvenating techniques since Susan started with us, and I can honestly say that I am now (finally!) committed to my own wellness and I practice these skills each and every day. Having Susan work with us all was the best gift our company could give us and I am so grateful!”
-Liza E, virtual wellness class participant