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Testimonial Stop and Breathe
Testimonial Stop and Breathe
Dr Amber testimonial
Testimonial Stop and Breathe
Testimonial Stop and Breathe
Testimonial Stop and Breathe

“Susan Ginsberg has been extremely helpful for our patients over the years; she provides a valuable service. We have patients with headaches, chronic pain, and anxiety, and what Susan teaches them is more valuable than the medications.”

     -Dr. Larry Robbins, MD-Neurologist at Robbins Headache Clinic

"Susan was so easy to work with and schedule the corporate wellness session for World Mental Health Day, regardless of the time difference. She held a brief call beforehand to go over the needs of my staff and developed a session that helped them learn to relax through stretches, meditating, and breathing. We have been working nonstop since the pandemic hit and several employees needed this session to help them "pause" and take a breath. I've heard all types of great feedback from my staff and look forward to inviting Susan back soon for another session!"

      -Nikita Vaid, Senior Specialist, Human Resources, CMMB (Catholic Medical Mission Board)

"We recently used Susan for a guided meditation session at two of our spring recognition conferences and she was amazing to work with! She was very accommodating and tailored her session to the needs of our audience. Attendees left the session with viable tips and tools that they could easily apply to their daily routine to help manage stress."

-Amanda Boyce, Edward Jones

"I attended Susan's Intentional Living (B.I.G.) Workshop when she provided it at our company's recent retreat in Scottsdale, AZ. I was so excited to learn these mindful techniques that she taught us as I typically carry a lot of stress in my body. She taught us how to set a daily routine to infuse these important aspects- breath, intention, and gratitude- and I intend to do this every morning! I liked the factual data about these practices that she provided since most of us in the group are doctors, scientists, and neurologists. It was not only super relaxing but also very informative. "

-Participant, Mitsubishi Pharma workshop

"I have never experienced anything even close to what Susan did for me yesterday. After two months of pure exhaustion that had me in a physically defensive, mental and emotional knot, ONE session with Susan changed everything. I had no idea I could feel this consciously weightless and so much healthier in every way in my very first session with her. I truly felt I had slept 10.5 hours in 25 minutes. I am almost embarrassed now saying that I’ve always been very skeptical about these kinds of things, because now I want to refer everyone I know to her! If you are stressed, anxious, or even just want to feel better about something you are struggling with without talking it out, I HIGHLY recommend Stop and Breathe! Superb experience, MUST TRY."

-Amber Enright, PT, DPT The Therapy Doctor

“When my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, she began a healing sessions with Susan as part of her treatment regime.  Susan’s wisdom and spirit lifted us up when we needed it.  Her sessions gave us all strength, both physically and emotionally.

     -Harriet S., Oprah producer, Chicago, IL

"Susan was wonderful! She led a 45-min mindful breathing workshop for our company, and we received tons of positive feedback from our employees. We all felt incredibly relaxed after her guided meditation. We've worked with Susan twice, and we'll definitely reach out again in the future!"

-Chris Bernal, Siege Media

I just had my first (of many I hope!) session with Susan in her home office. It was amazing. She took time to understand my current state of health and wellness, and helped me craft a positive and articulate intention for my meditation practice. After an excellent explanation of the process, she helped me get comfortable and then began a lovely guided meditation. It was restful, energizing and simply terrific! I left feeling revitalized and peaceful. Five star experience, I highly recommend Susan--knowledgeable, kind, a true gem!

-Melissa Kuffler, private client

"Susan was wonderful! She led a 45-min mindful breathing workshop for our company, and we received tons of positive feedback from our employees. We all felt incredibly relaxed after her guided meditation. We'll definitely reach out to Susan in the future!" 

      -Kayla Colbert, Office and Recruiting Asst. Siege Media

"Thank you for the amazing experience of evaluating the Zenful Aging Workshop. I’m very grateful to have you as a new Leisure Education instructor offering fun & educational programs for the community. It’s always nice offering something different & giving people new experiences. I really enjoyed being a part of the class, and the students did too. Thank you for sharing your passion & knowledge!" 

     -Kristen Huber,  City of Scottsdale, Recreation Leader Sr.

"Susan provided a Mindful EmPOWERment workshop for my group of friends when we were traveling to Arizona. We all were blown away with how much introspection we all gained in our own lives and it was such an amazing experience for all of us. I loved the breathing and relaxations that she provided. I never realized how important breathing really was, and how I was breathing the wrong way all these years! Once I understood how to breathe in a healthier way, my body immediately felt more relaxed. I highly recommend this workshop and Susan- she is knowledgable, intuitive, and compassionate with her work."

-Linda S., Private Group Workshop Participant

"I am so grateful for meeting Susan, She has helped me in so many ways with so many different situations. I always leave our sessions feeling extremely empowered and with a good mindset! I was having severe panic attacks and I have gotten so much relief since seeing her. I have learned so many tools from Susan for daily life. I recommend her to anyone, in need!"

Alexis Gerace, private client

“I was fortunate enough to attend a training with Susan Ginsberg a few years back. I had been wanting to incorporate more mindfulness into my therapy practice. The training was enjoyable and informative. After the training, I referred a client to Susan who was struggling with PTSD along with other mental health challenges. We partnered on providing help for this individual. My client greatly benefited from Susan’s help and years later continues to put what Susan taught her into practice. Working with Susan was a very positive experience for both of us. I strongly recommend her services. She is a kind, committed and talented person.”

     -Diane Gould, LCSW, BCBA, Private practice

"Susan provided a highly engaging (and relaxing!) workshop to our company that was just what we all needed after a stressful quarter. She taught us healthy breathing which I honestly never thought about and that made a huge difference in how I feel I carry my stress. She also taught us sleep techniques because many of us struggle with insomnia. I can comfortably speak on behalf of our group and say it was by far the best wellness workshop to date that we all have attended!"

      -Karen A., Baxter Healthcare

"This workshop felt so great and relaxing! So peaceful. So grateful Susan Ginsberg and our HR team provided this valuable workshop for us."

     -Mary Beth Powers, President/CEO, CMMB 

“I am very grateful that I was able to come in and work with Susan. I have struggled with terrible sleep initiation problems on and off for the last 6 years and her breathing techniques and support has been AWESOME. In the past, I have tried sleeping pills, different forms of sleep meditation, and other relaxation strategies, but nothing has worked as well as the breathing and relaxation techniques Susan taught me combined with listening to her guidance tracks on Spotify. Thank you so much for doing what you do— it has really helped me fall asleep.”

     -Jessica Robbins, private client

" I just wanted to say thank you for the session today – it was fantastic. It has made me realise that I need to start putting some time aside for me to just stop and breathe! I forgot just how good it felt to properly relax, so thank you!" 

      -Ceri Hart, Finance Director, Lawyer Checker

"Susan presented a stress management/wellness workshop at the Valley Ho Hotel for about 75 of my team members at L'Oreal Mizani. After a weekend of lectures, it was a welcome treat at the end. We learned stress management techniques and why it is so important to have tools to overcome this. During the relaxation part of it, I felt my body drifting to a serene place that I have not experienced in a very long time and I realized how much I needed this! I will continue to listen to Susan's relaxations when I return home. Thank you!"

      -Scott R., L'Oreal Mizani workshop participant

"Susan's highly educational and informative session that she provided for our conference was not only soothing, but it also pulled together a number of ideas from different perspectives and disciplines that I have heard before and organized them in a way that made sense and tied together well. I appreciate this added insight!"

     -Jeff LeVie, Lincoln Healthcare LTC-100 workshop participant


“It was very relaxing and well needed after a long day. I plan to take the relaxation with me so I can relax at work and at home. It's wonderful that this was offered.  We often don't always take time to take care of ourselves. Thank you!”

     -Stop and Breathe workshop attendant, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your Zenful Aging presentation last night. Your passion and energy are contagious not to mention how much I learned. It is always refreshing to meet someone who really cares about others and is knowledgable in their craft."

     -Sue Newhouse, Workshop Participant

"We had Susan to our community to speak to 40 attendees about Zenful Aging!! All were so impressed with her talent and wisdom!! Highly recommend her for all your relaxation issues!!!"

     -Lisa Moss, Health and Wellness Committee Member, Legend Trail

“Susan shared her gift of relaxation and breathing techniques with our sales team and community non-profit organizations during a recent wellness event.  It was a diverse group of participants but she managed to address our different interests, concerns and personalities in her presentation, while leading us through a step-by-step breathing practice and answering questions.  And that’s Susan’s gift:  she can bridge a divide to find a common denominator—helping each of us to find a place of calm and relaxation within.  I often return to my breathing exercises to de-stress and to ease into sleep.”

     -Enid Arnowitz, Eileen Fisher Corporate

"Until I started working with Susan, I had countless restless nights and felt that I could never get a good night's sleep. She provided me with the proper tools and techniques to not only fall asleep, but also stay asleep all night. Now that I have learned how to use her methods, I feel confident in my ability to fall asleep without worrying about staying up all night. I am so thankful that I found Susan!"

     -Madison Wiltchik, private client


"Susan Ginsberg of Stop and Breathe, Deep Relaxation Series, helped me through a very difficult time these past 7 months as I had an accident and was dealing with a great deal of pain and anxiety. I found her tools with her voice and imagery I was able to relax my mind/body and help lower my anxiety.  Very easy to follow and listen. I am forever grateful for Susan of Stop and Breathe. Even if I am restless I will put on this series and within minutes I am calm and at ease."

     -Jodie G, Deep Relaxation Series listener

“The experience was great… relaxing, rejuvenating, and inspiring.  I have had exposure to this through meditation classes but have not practiced like I should have. This one hour experience reminded me of what I am missing and gave me the needed kick to practice it regularly. Thanks for bringing this into all of our lives!”

     -Chris Martin, Collegiate Academic Advisor/Disability Specialist


“I work in a pre-surgical holding room where I care for patients right before surgery. Anxiety usually peaks at this point, and I have witnessed Susan's ability to take people from a panic level to a peaceful state. Susan has a gift for making an abstract concept very tangible for most people. She is courteous, thoughtful and compassionate. Susan has kindly provided a session for all our staff members, so I have had a chance to partake in her program firsthand. She is a true professional and I would highly recommend her services.”

     -Nancy Abrassart RN, Highland Park Hospital Pre-surgical Holding Room


 “I have been to many workshops/classes like Susan's and I must say, she is excellent; the best I have ever seen!  Susan really knows what she is talking about and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about her  workshop. I was able to relax and unwind after a hectic day. I plan to use the techniques she taught us in my work and personal life, as well!”​   

 -Arlene Minzer, Program Director, CJE Senior Life Weinberg Community

"I found Susan while doing research online and was immediately drawn to her positivity and peaceful presentation. I met her for a one on one session and she did not disappoint! She was very knowledgeable, helpful and present. She provided everything I needed and more during our session. She gifted a uniquely blended essential oil to compliment my intention for the session. I chose "balance" which was a perfect and lovely blend! She provided insightful feedback regarding proper breathing techniques and guided a beautiful mediation. I left feeling relaxed, peaceful and GRATEFUL! I would recommend Susan to anyone wanting more peace and relaxation in their life. She is absolutely amazing!! Don't miss out!!"

     -Elizabeth Birch, private client

“The Stop and Breathe® program is such a wonderful service that is provided for our cancer patients. The mind/body connection is so strong and the art of meditation can really help a person cope with the diagnosis and the treatment process.”

     -Diana Rawls, RN & Clinical Coordinator, Kellogg Cancer Center


“It was wonderful to have you work with me and our hotel staff yesterday. I slept like a baby last night and I am already trying to create my little corner in my room so I can learn to practice breathing and meditation. 
Thank you!”

     -Carolina Ara, Human Resources Manager Sofitel Chicago Water Tower

“I found the Stop and Breathe workshop offered for the Chicago Finance Exchange members very beneficial ­— particularly the breathing exercises. I incorporate them when I'm unable to fall asleep or stressed. For that, 
I am grateful!”

     -Chris Glatz President, Glatz Management Services, Inc.

“Susan has done a very good job for us with several of our high anxiety patients and their families.  Just having her go in the room and offering her service has a positive effect on people.  The staff thinks highly of Susan Ginsberg (the founder of the Stop and Breathe® program), for the work she has done.”

     -Jane Schneider, nursing manager at Same Day Surgery at 
NorthShore University HealthSystem Highland Park Hospital


“Thank you so much for the wonderfully relaxing experience you provided for our staff.  Your knowledge and perspective provided much needed insight on the importance of giving ourselves the time we deserve. The techniques you shared of belly breathing and positive affirmations have reminded me to slow down and breathe fully and have worked to calm me in times of distress. We are very fortunate to have found you!”

     -Jamie Halmon, Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness- Morton College

"I laid in bed to listen to your Deep Relaxation CD and I did not even get through half of the second meditation and I was asleep! This is magic for sleep!! Thanks again for these tools."

     -Laura Enzor, Life Coach/Private Client

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“The Stop and Breathe program was beneficial for not only the patients at the Kellogg Cancer Center’s Stress Reduction Group, but also for the Kellogg nurses and supportive staff who participated in a separate session.  The program brings together several stress reduction techniques including breathwork, body scan meditation and guided imagery and is something that can be brought into day to day life to assist with the stress and anxiety that comes.”

     -Meg Madvig, LCSW,OSW-C, Social Worker at the Kellogg Cancer Center at Evanston

“Soon after my lung cancer diagnosis, I started my Stop and Breathe® sessions with Susan. Cancer creates a lot of stress, which was detrimental to my recovery goals. In my sessions with Susan, I am able to focus on the breathing and postures while the world melts away. The relaxation I achieve with Susan’s guidance is better than sleep.  When the session ends I have a sense of calm, focus and well-being that carries me through the week.”

     -Donna Lee Caringella, Stop and Breathe® client

“I want to thank you so much for speaking and doing a wonderful demonstration for our cancer support group. It was a big success and the patients were thrilled to have you and very relaxed and excited to learn new ways how to cope and approach certain situations and also share with their loved ones too. I liked all the tips you shared and the compassion you have for these patients.”

     -Sabina Omercajic, M.S., CCRP Research Associate-Head and Neck Cancers, 
Kellogg Cancer, NorthShore University HealthSystem

“I have been diagnosed with severe COPD. There is no 'cure.' I take inhalers but that is not increasing the quality of my life. Susan Ginsberg and Stop and Breathe was recommended to me. The tools she has given me in our sessions have made an enormous difference in my life. Everyday chores keep getting easier; walking up stairs is easier ... there may be no cure but, I'm healing! I'm getting my life back.”

     -Karen D, Stop and Breathe client

“Thank you ever so much for today’s Stop and Breathe session. It was well received! I was battling a light migraine all morning that is now completely gone! I realize we cannot have such a session every day, but please can you consider advocating for a routine interval, i.e. monthly, every other month, etc. Thank you again and hope for more!”

     -Eva T. Kolasinski, Celergo Global Payroll

“I am a yoga instructor who was looking for a bridge to take my teaching to another level.  One of my friends put me in touch with Susan and as we spoke, I had a strong feeling that divine intervention was occurring! Susan had so much passion about her Stop and Breathe program but also felt that the teaching would be the bridge I was seeking. I spent the day at her training and as I was driving back home I started to cry tears of joy and that was 10 months ago! I began to work at Highland Park Hospital and the Kellogg Cancer Center in the Stop and Breathe program and it has truly changed my life! The honor I feel each week when I work with the patients is such a unique gift on many levels. It is so uplifting to talk with people from many walks of life, and to hear their stories at such a challenging time. Each week as I drive to the hospital, I say a prayer of gratitude to Susan for her love, compassion, dedication, and brilliance to have created such a seemingly simple but actually very unique program. I am sincerely in your debt, Susan, for the grace, beauty and understanding you have brought into my life.  My heart is with you as you walk your path.”

     -Rebecca Flanagan, yoga instructor, Stop and Breathe trainee

“I loved the workshop and I think it was so very beneficial for all of those who came. Thank you for your generosity in presenting and the Chai Center! I love your spirit and everything you are doing to also help so many others!”

     -Mendy Hart, Director of Chai Center for Enrichment and Rejuvenation


“I thought it was a great new relaxation technique, I almost fell asleep and had to remind myself to stay awake. I had more energy afterwards.”

      -Roxanne Barone, Executive Assistant Vice President’s Office- Morton College


“As someone who tries to routinely work meditation into a busy schedule, I really enjoyed Susan Ginsberg's "Stop and Breathe" workshop. I found Susan's knowledge to be expansive and her soothing voice the perfect complement to the relaxing experience. I also learned new techniques to improve my practice. Thanks Susan!”

     -Kabria Cummings, Publications Coordinator

“Thank you for offering the Stop and Breathe program to our staff.  I found it particularly helpful because immediately before the class, I was dealing with a difficult legitimate excuse for being late!  With Susan's help, the stress I felt was greatly relieved. Since then, I have used the procedures several times per day to relieve stress and to relax. I know that I will continue to use these exercises regularly.  To summarize: To Stop and Breathe feels really, really good!!!”

     -Kerri Gavin, Writing Tutor


“I can honestly say that sessions with Susan allowed me to actually feel full relaxation and calmness for the first time in my life.  Having a stressful job and 3 kids, it is not often that I take a moment to take care of me.  Susan taught me not only how to do this in sessions, but to find that time during a routine day as well.”

     -Debbie G, marital/family therapist, Buffalo Grove, IL



“Susan is an extraordinary human being with the ability to connect and nurture people from all backgrounds and levels.  Her sessions will heal you from the inside out emotionally, spiritually and physically.”

     -Julie Harris, yoga instructor

“As a recent breast cancer patient and a very grateful survivor, I would like to share a bit of my journey with you. If one believes in ‘fate’ or ‘what was meant to be,’ I met Susan Ginsberg at the perfect time in my life. I had just been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and was working on lining up my team of health care providers. For some time, I had been interested in yoga and meditation, occasionally taking classes and doing some reading. I was at work one afternoon and in walked Susan … we began a conversation and she mentioned she was a yoga/meditation instructor! I explained my health situation and my wish for a combination of eastern philosophy with western medicine. She offered her hand … her knowledge … her friendship … her support at a time when it was most needed.

As I began my chemotherapy, Susan, my sister and two close friends began our Monday evening classes. Nothing made me want to miss my Mondays with Susan. They were so enriching and such an integral part of my treatment. Susan taught me yoga breathing — that was MOST helpful each chemo treatment. I could breathe though having the needle inserted, and visualize a good place during my chemo. With each of my surgeries, I carried a meditation/visualization CD into the hospital. I would put the CDs on and immediately relax. I found this more helpful than I can really express. I have begun to speak with recently diagnosed cancer patients and I offer them some of what I’ve learned from Susan.

I ‘carried’ Susan in my head, my heart and on my CDs as I went through all my treatments and surgeries. What a lovely opportunity it would be for anyone to visit and work with Susan during chemotherapy! She would certainly be a most special asset to anyone interested in the love and warmth she has to offer.”

     -Mimi Horowitz

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Testimonial Stop and Breathe
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