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Intentional Living
Relaxy Hour
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“Thank you for the great experience of attending and evaluating the Intentional Living B.I.G. Workshop. I really enjoyed the outline of B.I.G., Breathe, Intention and Gratitude. Also, nice touch on providing the beautiful rocks for people to keep, cherish and hold close when identifying their “intention”.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the program. 

We are grateful to have you as part of the Leisure Education instructor team. We hope you’ll be a part of the team for a long time!”


-Kristen Huber, City of Scottsdale, Recreation Leader Sr.

“As someone who tries to routinely work meditation into a busy schedule, I really enjoyed Susan Ginsberg's "Stop and Breathe" workshop. I found Susan's knowledge to be expansive and her soothing voice the perfect complement to the relaxing experience. I also learned new techniques to improve my practice. Thanks Susan!”

-Kabria Cummings, Publications Coordinator

Relaxy Hour Stop and Breathe

Susan Ginsberg providing a group Relaxy Hour session to a residential community.

Do you have a group or organization that is looking for a way to learn to manage stress and life's challenges in a more positive way? Or perhaps they want to come together in a positive way as a team and bond through healthy breathing and relaxation techniques.


Each group class is highly customized to meet the goals and needs of the individuals in the group. There is a wonderful sense of community and camaraderie when a group practices our valuable techniques. We can hold workshops in a conference room or any large space with comfortable chairs.

If you would like to create a customized 'Wellness Mastermind Day', I can plan a full day with other well-esteemed wellness experts in my community to fully meet your group's needs.

  • Intentional Living workshop teaches participants 'The B.I.G.(Breath, Intention, Gratitude) Method' of beginning each day in a healthier and more mindful way. Participants will learn healthy breathing techniques, which is one of the most important tools to help us manage stress or anxiety. We will learn also learn how to set healthy intentions on a daily basis and how these meaningful goals provide a sense of purpose in our daily living. Last, participants will learn how to express gratitude each and every day and the healing benefits of having a daily gratitude practice.

  • 'Relaxy' Hour workshop is a soothing and highly relaxing workshop that will teach participants healthy breathing, relaxation, visualization skills, and insomnia-busting strategies.

  • Zenful Aging workshop discusses the aging process and teaches participants 15 healthy tips to keep the mind more youthful. Participants learn ways to sharpen focus, reduce pain, improve sleep, boost memory, alleviate depression, decrease anxiety, and begin to feel better overall. Guided  breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques will also be experienced.

Call  480-388-2780  or EMAIL me for a free consultation to determine how I can plan a highly educational, soothing, and informative workshop experience to support your group or organization. 

"Susan provided a Mindful EmPOWERment workshop for my group of friends when we were traveling to Arizona. We all were blown away with how much introspection we all gained in our own lives and it was such an amazing experience for all of us. I loved the breathing and relaxations that she provided. I never realized how important breathing really was, and how I was breathing the wrong way all these years! Once I understood how to breathe in a healthier way, my body immediately felt more relaxed. I highly recommend this workshop and Susan- she is knowledgable, intuitive, and compassionate with her work."


-Linda S.,

Mindful EmPOWERment Workshop Participant

“I have been to many workshops/classes like yours and you are excellent; the best I have ever seen. You really know what you are talking about and I thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to relax.”

-Arlene Minzer, Program Director, CJE Senior Life Weinberg Community