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Zenful Zoom Sessions

Zenul Zoom Session Stop and Breathe

Do you live further away and are unable to enjoy a 1:1 session together, yet still want to experience the benefits?
Whether your goals are to:


·      Manage stress more effectively

·      Manifest a goal or an intention in your life

·      Breathe in a healthier way

·      Fall asleep and sleep more deeply

·      Manage pain or an illness

A private 1:1 Zenful Zoom Session will be customized to meet your unique needs.

In our session, we will spend time talking together and setting in motion a plan to make the healthy transformation you seek. Afterwards, you will be guided through some wonderfully soothing breathing, relaxation & visualization guidance.
Despite not being together physically, you will gain all of the benefits of my 1:1 attention I offer all of my clients. This also includes free email support throughout or time working together. 
How Do I Begin?
Click one of the payment links below. Venmo is preferred, but you may use any of these you like. Once paid, we will then schedule your private session on a mutually agreed day & time. Afterward, I will send you a Zoom link to our session.


$80 mini-session(40 minutes)
$100 full session (1 hour)

Zenful Zoom

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Zenful Zoom

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