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​Who can benefit from a Stop and Breathe® session?

Anyone who is experiencing pain, stress, or anxiety, or anyone (individual or group) looking to be proactive in learning these valuable techniques to live a healthier life would benefit.


​I have been recently been diagnosed with an illness. Can Stop and Breathe® help me?

Yes. Stop and Breathe® can help you learn to cope with the actual illness and the stress that can go along with it. If your illness involves more testing, treatment, and discomfort, the breathing and relaxation strategies you learn will help you manage this stress and/or discomfort.


​My workplace is filled with stress!

My fellow co-workers and I are always feeling overwhelmed, overburdened, and exhausted with all of our job demands. Can Stop and Breathe® sessions be provided at my place of work?

Yes! Stop and Breathe® specializes in working with businesses and organizations teaching highly enjoyable, interactive sessions that are soothing and helpful. It’s a great way to further camaraderie and a more positive work environment. For the employer comes the added benefit of less employee sick days, and employees feel more valued and appreciated. This can lead to overall higher workplace efficiency when stress is managed in a healthier way, not to mention less overall healthcare costs when employees are proactive with their health and wellbeing.


​How many people can partake in a session or workshop? What is the average size?

A private session can be for one individual. A group session can be for hundreds. As long as there is space and chairs available for each participant, there’s no limit. We have worked with groups from one to 700 people!


​What is the difference between a private session and a workshop?

Private sessions are a more intimate one-on-one experience provided at our location. Typically, we would discuss with you your goals for the session(s) and custom design them to fit your needs. Essential oil blends will be custom made for you based on your unique needs. We will continue to work with you on developing a home practice to support our sessions. Workshops are highly enjoyable group classes that are designed for the needs of a company or organization. It’s wonderful to address the needs of so many people together and enhance group camaraderie.


How long is each private session and how much does a session cost?

Fees are $100 for the initial 75-minute session (including phone or email consultation before and custom essential oils blend) and $80 for a 1-hour session thereafter.


Is this covered by my insurance?

At this time, insurance does not cover these sessions. Hopefully, this will change. Consider the cost an investment in your health and wellbeing. You deserve it!


What do I wear to a session or class?

For a private session we always suggest wearing comfortable exercise clothing. For a group class, as long as it’s planned as a chair class, there’s no dress code or restrictions. For office workshops, there’s no need to change out of work clothes.


I have severe anxiety. Can Stop and Breathe® help me?

Absolutely. Learning the breathing in and of it self is one of the most effective tools to combat anxiety. It’s said that it is physiologically impossible to have a panic or anxiety attack while doing the healthy diaphragmatic breathing you will learn. Also, the relaxations and visualizations will aid you in training to help your mind be more one-pointed in focus and peaceful. The more you practice these techniques, the less frequent and severe this anxiety will appear.


​I suffer from migraine headaches. Can this help my pain?

Yes. Chronic pain is greatly helped by relaxation and meditation exercises. Doctors often recommend this to their patients who suffer from their debilitating effects. Dr. Larry Robbins, a leading neurologist from the Chicago area, has said, ‘Stop and Breathe® sessions have been extremely helpful for our patients over the years. We have patients with headaches, chronic pain, and anxiety, and what they teach is more valuable than the medications.”


How many classes or sessions does this take until I feel the benefits?

Since this program is so highly individualized, this varies greatly. Although one class or workshop is valuable and enjoyable, it is nearly impossible to master the skills we teach and readily incorporate them into one’s life so quickly. It’s often described as a ‘taste of what can be learned’ and hopefully will lead to a more consistent practice. Typically, sessions (individual or group) are enjoyed weekly. On average, 8 weeks is the minimum amount of time it takes to start seeing lasting benefits. Some students and clients who have mastered these skills choose to continue on indefinitely, because the results have become such a source of enjoyment and support in their lives.


What age does a student need to be for a Stop and Breathe® session?

Stop and Breathe® works with teenagers and adults. Though children can benefit from the classes, a certain level of maturity and understanding is required to maintain focus and ensure the effectiveness of Stop and Breathe® sessions.


​I’m pregnant and cannot find any LaMaze or breathing classes to help me with my labor. I have even heard this has been discontinued. Can you teach this to couples?

Yes. Stop and Breathe® loves working with couples during this exciting time in their lives! We work with the pregnant mother and any partner who will be assisting in the birth of the baby. We recommend 4 sessions together, and at the end of this time, the couple will receive written breathing and relaxation exercises to be used during the delivery.

​I’m a caregiver for a sick relative. I feel constantly burned out by the demands of caretaking, yet I feel guilty admitting this!  Do you offer anything for caregivers?

Yes. Being a caregiver, whether to a relative, friend or in a professional career can be both mentally and physically exhausting. It’s important to take care of your own needs so that you maintain your own health and wellness. Nurturing yourself in this way is so important, since you are needed to help care for someone else. Stop and Breathe® is continually developing new caretaker programs to address this growing need.


​Do you use essential oils with your clients?

Yes. Since our sense of smell directly affects the limbic system of our brain, this can have an affect on our blood pressure, breathing, stress levels, pain perception, hormonal balance, heart rate, etc. Essential oils can support both the physical and the psychological. Muscle and joint pain can be eased with certain essential oils. Anxiety and depression can likewise be supported by other beneficial essential oils, since these emotions and responses emanate from the limbic region of the brain. We only use pure, 100% therapeutic essential oils. After discussing the specific goals and needs of a client, a custom essential oils blend is made specifically for their needs. For example, if anxiety and de-stressing is the goal, a soothing and relaxing blend of oils can support this. Oils can be either inhaled or used directly on the skin, as will be discussed in the session.

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