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Corporate Workshops

The corporate work environment is an arena filled with high stress levels, deadlines and expectations that never stop, and inherent pressure and competition. This can take a toll on even the most productive employees, a toll that carries over into home life, health, and wellbeing. Companies are recognizing this more and more and providing support for their team.


These wellness workshop experiences are a also a great offering during a corporate convention or annual meeting. I often provide these experiences to hotels and convention centers for the participants and also for their accompanying families. If you would like to create a customized 'Wellness Mastermind Day', I can plan a full day with other well-esteemed wellness experts in my community to fully meet your team's needs.

Stop and Breathe Corporate Worskshops

Corporate workshops can be provided in a company's own conference room

Workshop Offerings

  • Intentional Living: The B.I.G.(Breath+Intention+Gratitude)Way to Live Your Life!

  • Reset+Renew:  Breathe, Relax, & Visualize Your Way to  a Healthier Life

  • The Mindful Way to Achieve Balance + Harmony In our Work + In Our Lives!

  • From Griping to Gratitude: Silence the Inner Critic & Open up to Joy

  • Mindful EmPOWERment: Create +Manifest Your Goals & Dreams

 Susan Ginsberg teaching an Intentional Living B.I.G. Workshop

Intentional Living: The B.I.G.
(Breath+ Intention + Gratitude)
Way To Live Your Life!

Participants will learn how to center themselves first thing in the morning as they wake up and begin each day in a healthier and more mindful way. Participants will learn healthy breathing techniques, which is one of the most important tools to help us manage stress or anxiety. We will learn also learn how to set healthy intentions on a daily basis and how these meaningful goals provide a sense of purpose in our daily living. Last, participants will learn how to express gratitude each and every day and the healing benefits of having a daily gratitude practice.

Mindful Empowerment Workshop Susan Ginsberg Stop and Breathe

Reset+Renew:  Breathe, Relax, & Visualize Your Way to a Healthy Life

In this workshop, participants will learn stress-management techniques and manage the day-to-day stress that inherently comes in the corporate environment. Participants will learn healthy breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques. After a brief instruction on these techniques, participants will enjoy listening to ambient music while being guided through breathwork and a deep relaxation experience.

Balance Worskhop Stop and Breathe

The Mindful Way to Achieve Balance + Harmony In our Work + In Our Lives!

In this workshop, participants will learn how to develop a sense of balance in their personal and professional lives by exploring which things add light and joy to our lives, and which things dim out that inner light within us and make us feel depleted.  Learning how to recognize what tips the scales out of balance and how to bring it back to equilibrium is essential for feeling in harmony. Not only will this feeling of balance benefit us in our professional live, but also our personal lives. Participants will learn healthy breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques as taught in my other workshop offerings.  

 Intention Rocks Stop and Breathe

Mindful EmPOWERment Workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn how to create and manifest healthy, personal empowering intentions. They will learn how to choose intentions that are for our highest good, how to word them, and the way to incorporate these intentions in our daily lives.  After this discussion, they will be guided through a soothing deep relaxation that incorporates their own personal healthy intentions. Some of my clients liken this type of meditation to self-hypnosis in that they learn that when we are in a state of deep relaxation, our mind is open to bringing in an awareness of what is for our highest good and how to empower ourselves to believe that our words DO lead to our actions, which create our own reality. 

These beneficial workshops can take place during the lunch hour or after work hours.  Sessions are typically held in a conference room in comfortable chairs, so there is no need to spend time changing clothing.  Your employees will appreciate your dedication to their health and well being, in addition to having a direct impact on the overall camaraderie of the workplace. This has proven to make a difference in the employees' perceived job satisfaction, reduce employee sick days and medical expenses, and increase group camaraderie


Employees will not only be more productive when they have tools to combat day-to-day stress, but will also feel a direct benefit on their health and well-being, thus potentially decreasing sick days and increasing overall productivity.  According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, Matthew Clark, PhD, lead researcher stated, "Wellness programs and centers typically initially focus on physical fitness and weight loss.  By addressing other domains of wellness- stress management, work-life balance, spirituality and resilience- employees might gain the confidence and skills to truly achieve better overall wellness."


Stop and Breathe workshops are individually tailored to the group needs, whether there are 5 or 500 participants, each group is unique and we will provide sessions that will positively change the corporate work environment and the individuals that comprise that community.

Call  480-388-2780  or EMAIL me for a free consultation to determine how I can plan a highly educational, soothing, and informative workshop experience to support your company. 

“Susan shared her gift of relaxation and breathing techniques with our sales team and community non-profit organizations during a recent wellness event.  It was a diverse group of participants but she managed to address our different interests, concerns and personalities in her presentation, while leading us through a step-by-step breathing practice and answering questions.  And that’s Susan’s gift:  she can bridge a divide to find a common denominator—helping each of us to find a place of calm and relaxation within.  I often return to my breathing exercises to de-stress and to ease into sleep.”

-Enid Arnowitz, Eileen Fisher Corporate

 “I have been to many workshops/classes like Susan's and I must say, she is excellent; the best I have ever seen!  Susan really knows what she is talking about and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about her  workshop. I was able to relax and unwind after a hectic day. I plan to use the techniques she taught us in my work and personal life, as well!”

-Arlene Minzer, Program Director, CJE Senior Life Weinberg Community

"Susan provided a highly engaging (and relaxing!) workshop to our company that was just what we all needed after a stressful quarter. She taught us healthy breathing which I honestly never thought about and that made a huge difference in how I feel I carry my stress. She also taught us sleep techniques because many of us struggle with insomnia. I can comfortably speak on behalf of our group and say it was by far the best wellness workshop to date that we all have attended!"

-Karen A, Baxter Healthcare

"Susan's highly educational and informative session that she provided for our conference was not only soothing, but it also pulled together a number of ideas from different perspectives and disciplines that I have heard before and organized them in a way that made sense and tied together well. I appreciate this added insight!"

 -Jeff LeVie, Lincoln Healthcare LTC-100 workshop participant

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